Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Second On-going Embroidery Project

I thought I would toss up a picture of my other ongoing embroidery project. This one started as a practice sampler on a scrap of muslin, but I liked it, a lot. So, I put it against a background fabric and started to add bits here and there.

I still need to embroider over the roots (which are drawn in with a sharpie...hey it was what I had on hand when I started this: sketchbook, sharpies, embroidery floss, a hoop, some muslin, and a needle was all I had in my kit that day). I plan to have the roots go off the muslin and on to the background fabric and maybe even dangle off the background fabric. I am thinking of putting grass up on the soil line in Turkey Work/Stitch. I also plan to bring the sky up into the background fabric maybe weaving in between the blanket stitch (it's a thought). At this point that is as far as I have thought ahead. I am sure other things will appear as I go. The nice thing about this piece is that it was meant to be nothing but a sample, something to practice on and pass the time. That kind of gives me permission to do whatever I want to it without worrying that it be perfect. I can be as crazy or as laid back as I want to be. Below is a couple of detail pictures.

On another note, I was a guest blogger over at LillStreet Textiles at . Hop over and take a look.

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