Friday, January 21, 2011

Beginning a New Project

Today Chicago is in the deep freeze. With wind chill we are presently at -2 degrees below zero and tonight we may drop down to -15 degrees below zero. There is frost on many of our windows (as you can see above) and the contrails of the airplanes flying overhead earlier today were hanging in the sky for quite a long time before dissipating (as seen below).

I am starting on a new felting project. I plan to make a felt wall hanging in shades of white, vanilla, buff, and light to medium brown wool with lace inlays. I will most likely also embroider it after felting it since I love the look of embroidery on felt. I also plan to use some silk roving, some angora, and some locks. Below is a picture of the supplies I have laid out to be worked with this weekend.

I don't have a clear design plan at the moment. It is kind of a nebulous idea floating around in my mind that I am trying to flesh out tonight. I am doing some sketching and hope to have a clear (or at least mostly clear) idea of what I want design wise by tomorrow afternoon. Well I am off to bed. I hope all of you are staying warm (unless you are in a part of the world where you would prefer to be Goodnight!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting the New Year off right, in the vein of starting the year as you wish it to proceed, I have been doing some blogging, some stitching on felt, some sorting of photos, some reading, some facebooking, some exercising (went swimming), some more blogging and facebooking, some rearranging, and finally some more stitching. All in all I think it has been a good start to the New Year. Next I plan to do some sketching.

Happy New Year!

Well it is officially the first day of 2011. I decide to update the picture heading my blog since the flower was a little too early summer. And, although the snow has been washed away by the rain I am sure we will have snow again soon once the cool down comes this weekend (this is Chicago after all). My husband and I were supposed to be at a party tonight but he has been sick with a really nasty cold since the beginning of the week and still isn't better. From what I am hearing this really bad cold has been going around and takes a good ten days to clear...poor hubby! Anyway we toasted in the New Year with a glass of sparkling grape juice with my mom and then he went off to bed. Definitely hope 2011 brings good health to us all. I hope you all are having a safe and happy New Year!