Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well it is officially the first day of 2011. I decide to update the picture heading my blog since the flower was a little too early summer. And, although the snow has been washed away by the rain I am sure we will have snow again soon once the cool down comes this weekend (this is Chicago after all). My husband and I were supposed to be at a party tonight but he has been sick with a really nasty cold since the beginning of the week and still isn't better. From what I am hearing this really bad cold has been going around and takes a good ten days to clear...poor hubby! Anyway we toasted in the New Year with a glass of sparkling grape juice with my mom and then he went off to bed. Definitely hope 2011 brings good health to us all. I hope you all are having a safe and happy New Year!

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