Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring has finally sprung!

Spring has finally sprung here in the upper Midwest. As I type I can hear Doves cooing and birds chirping. Another sign of spring is that my cats are spending all there time in the windows rather than near the radiators (even though it can get cool at night still). It is also time to start filling out applications for Fall and Winter Craft fairs... lol! I have been busy working on a embroidered art piece for an exhibition titled the "Exquisite Uterus" although I'm not sure when it is going to run since they lost their venue (they are actively seeking another). I will have to post some picture of my progress. I have also in the last couple days been cleaning out my basement studio since it flooded in the rains a few days ago... ugh! I have several towels still in the backyard drying out so I can shake off the grit and put them in the washing machine. Fun huh? Anyway, I finally got back to work on my piece today since the basement is now all dry. Anyway, I needed a break so I thought I would start dusting off my social media sites (which have been thoroughly neglected. :)

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