Saturday, November 14, 2015

It looks like I am done with craft fairs for the holiday season. I may be doing one in January but that one is still in limbo and I'm not sure the organizers will get it going that soon. I will let you know. But, in the meantime, I now have time to play (which I am really looking forward to)! I have been wanting to work on some wall hanging ideas since I came back from the Felter's Fling back at the beginning of September, and the SDA conference in Arrowmont in Mid-October just made me itch to play with wall hangings all the more! I had great fun at both events and learned lots and lots! Between those two events and a couple weddings I have done a fair amount of traveling this fall. I have literally put thousands of miles on my car. I think my car has gotten more mileage since Mid-August to now than it normally does in a year... lol! Anyway, I have loads of pictures on my iphone and camera to upload but here is just a taste... this picture is from my camera from my trip to Gatlinburg TN and Arrowmont (the camera had the least amount of photos, everything else is on my iphone which needs my computer to be updated in order to properly download/upload properly)... A glimpse of the Smokies! :)
Anyway, I am thinking about changing up my blog design. It has been the same (with the exception of the revolving title picture) since 2008. There are newer more interesting templates available so you might be seeing some changes in the blog design before the new year.

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