Monday, December 15, 2008

Dyed Scarves

I was going through my pictures and thought I would toss up a few pictures of two scarves that I dyed with thickened dyes. The picture to the left is a (almost) full length shot (don't mind the messy workroom behind the scarf).

The picture to the right is a detail shot of the scarf above.

The picture to the right is a detail shot of the scarf in the picture below.

This is the full length shot of the above detail.

Both scarves were dyed using thickened dye (fiber reactive dye with alginate). The scarves are silk charmeuse. I used a method called "canning" where by you take a small can the size of a small can of tomato paste and cut out both ends and put the can down on a piece of plastic and then pour the thickened dye into the top of the can. Then you drag the can onto your scarf and around your scarf in any manner you want and then drag it back onto the plastic (those are the thick lines you see). The dots on the second scarf were made with my finger dipped in thickened dye and rubbed in a circle on the scarf. I had a lot of fun making these scarves.

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Rayna said...

LOL - "canning" is a new one on me! A very cool way to get a big, fat line!

I, too, have respect for people who do craft fairs full time. It's grueling!