Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Ready for My SDA Post-Confernece Workshop w/ Jorie Johnson in Kansas City MO

Above is a picture of my workspace at Lill St. Art Center. I work there as a monitor once a week during their open lab time in the Textile Dept. Above is the table I usually snag for myself. I have been making pre-felt for the last couple weeks for my workshop at the Surface Design Association's post-conference felting workshop with Jorie Johnson. It is being held at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City MO. Rebecca who is the director for the Textile Dept. at Lill St. is also going to be there at the same time but she will be there as a teacher (she is teaching the class titled "Fast Line, Slow Line"). I am really excited about this workshop. Not to sound too fan-girlish but I have all Jorie Johnson's books (the ones I could easily get in the U.S. at least). My mom will also be attending the Jorie Johnson workshop with me. We will be driving down with a ton of wool (yes sir, yes sir, three bags joke, lol). I will be bringing my NEW digital point & shoot camera so I can get tons of photos. I probably won't have internet access but if I do I will be sure to blog as I can, otherwise I will blog about it afterward (it is a five day workshop). I hope all of you had a great holiday. Here in Chicago it has been cool and wet. It is my understanding that Kansas City has been hot and humid. I will have to remember to pack accordingly. Till later, ciao.

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