Monday, July 13, 2009

Belated SDA Post Workshop Report - Part One

I really enjoyed the Surface Design Association Post Conference Workshop taught by Jorie Johnson. Next time I want to go to the conference as well. Mom and I arrive in Kansas City on the last day of the conference. We couldn't join in any of the conference events since we did not pay for the conference but we got to go to the vendor room. I of course found more wool to bring home. It was great to actually touch and see the wool before committing to buy. Although for the most part I have been really lucky with my online shopping and usually find the quality of my purchases to be above reproach. If you are into felting I highly recommend taking a class with Jorie Johnson. I found her to be a very good teacher. She has a couple of really good books out too (just toss her name up at for a look-see). I don't have a lot of time to get in depth today, but, so much time had passed I didn't want to let more time pass before posting. I have included a picture of my class in a round table discussion. Till later.


Helen said...

it will be lovely to see soem of your pictures of your works

Frannie said...

Thank you. I will try and have them up soon.