Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Thickened Dye Prints

I started a 10 week class last week at LillStreet Art Center dealing with all kinds of printing with thickened dyes. The teacher is Rebecca Rinquist who I have had as a teacher before (she is fantastic!). I will Also be taking a four day Natural Dye workshop at LillStreet with Pamela Feldman. I hear she is extremely knowledgeable in her field and that she is an exceptional teacher. I am really looking forward to taking her class. Every time I have tried to take her class in the past there was always a scheduling problem (this time is no different, but I will only miss one day of her workshop, which is workable I think).

Anyway, in the first thickened dye class we worked with stamping. We stamped fabric with all kinds of things, from rubber stamps to fruit and vegetables. Of the fruits and vegetables we used there were potatoes, lemons, onions, radishes, endive, and mushrooms (I think that's it). We also carved up sponges into shapes and stamped with those. And, of course, there were rubber stamps. Rebecca also pulled out the syringes and we drew with syringes. I wish I had gotten a picture of the lab after the class was through. I don't think there was a space left on the clothes lines (and there are multiple clothes lines covering all the walls). At some point in the future we will be discharging over what we did and adding more.

So here are some pictures of the three pieces of fabric I printed. Some of them I am going to overdye before I get to the discharging phase.

And, here is a detail shot of the last photo above:

I will post regarding the Natural Dye workshop at some point in the next week. I also have to make some nuno-felted scarves in the next few days for the shop I sell at since they are actually running low, so I will post pictures of those too when I actually get to doing them. It is going to be a busy week.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your busy and creative week! The dye prints look great. I've had some dye-thickener for a while but haven't got round to trying it yet.

Lindsay said...

What fun! I will have some natural dye stuffs for sale at the Do It Your Own D*mn Self market on April 17. Vera Videnovich grows her own dyestuff and sells it at the farmers' markets. Have fun with Pamela. She will flood you with great information.

Sparklyjools said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog -thankfully it's not Fifths disease! I really like your work, it's very expressive.

Frannie said...

Kaye, you should definitely try working with the dye thickener. You can have all kinds of fun stamping, painting and stenciling with it.
Lindsay, I will try and come by on the 17th and you were right, Pam is full of information (more than I could take in at one workshop, so I will have to take :)
Jules, glad it wasn't fifths disease and thank you very much!