Friday, April 2, 2010

"It has been a long and busy week" or "Work, 2 Classes, and a Funeral"

This has been a very long week both physically and emotionally. I was signed up for a four day workshop in Natural Dyeing running Monday through Thursday mornings this week (which was fantastic by the way, even though I missed the second day). I also had my regular class on Wednesday nights. Plus I was scheduled to work four days out of the week (various client/jobs). In amongst all this I drove up to Michigan late Monday night and attended my friends funeral on Tuesday (which was a beautiful funeral, if you don't think it odd to say such a thing. The weather was sunny and mild and the spot for her grave was near the river. I missed her memorial service on Monday night but I heard there were some beautiful readings and stories told). Then I drove myself and my sister back to Chicago Tuesday afternoon. Above is a picture of a spring flower beginning to peak it's head up from Pat's yard, a hyacinth I believe. We will miss you Pat.

Below are some pictures from the classes this week.
This picture is of a shadow print made with lace and a blank silkscreen using thickened dye:

Here is a detail photo of the same print:

This photo is of a monoprint made from a silkscreen that was painted with dye mixed with soda ash and let to dry and then pulled with alginate thickener:

I managed to get a second image printed from that same screen, it is much lighter but still quite visible:

Below are a few pictures from the Natural Dye class. I will post more at another time since I am beginning to get sleepy.

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