Sunday, August 29, 2010

Been Working On Nuno Felt Scarves and on Taking Pictures of Them

I have been working on making more nuno felt scarves and also on trying to take better pictures of them. I found a small mannequin bust (probably for children's wear) in an antique/resale shop and thought it might be the perfect display for taking photos of my scarves with (either nuno felted, dyed, and/or printed). So I tried taking pictures outside but the mosquitoes drove me inside (they are really nasty this year. I swear they are getting bigger and more aggressive as well as more abundant). The rest of the pictures were taken inside after I figured out a set-up.

I have also been working on my picture taking set-ups and skills because I have been applying for craft fairs and have not been happy with my past pictures. Plus it was time to show something newer. I have also been paying for an artfire online shop and should really start using it. So I have been working on photos as well as production.

Another thing I need to start thinking about is what I want to do for United Felt's International Day of Felt and where I want to display it. I could display it outside my house/studio or I could display it at a friend's Frame & Gallery Shop (or possibly LillStreet...I would have to talk to them about that). Yep, I have a few options as to where to display...but what to do? I think this week I am going to spend some quality time with my sketchbook and take some walks since I will be out and about.

Anyway, here is one last picture. There was this butterfly flitting around all over my backyard, and, being the crazy person that I am, I chased after it for a good hour snapping shots with my camera. Here is one of the better pictures (really hard to take pictures of a moving

I hope you enjoyed the butterfly picture! Have a great weekend and enjoy the summer while it is still here.


Nunofeltdesigns by NESchwab, San Francisco said...

Love your color combinations and how you let the colored silk speak for itself in your nuno designs. The more silk showing, the better! It's what makes nuno felt so unique.

Frannie said...

I agree. I love everything about silk...the feel, the flow, the shine, the vibrancy...everything! And, thank you (as you can tell I love color).